Crypto Freedom Summit

Ready to Create Wealth and Freedom with Crypto?
Top crypto traders and investors share their expertise about crypto by answering the question:

"If you wanted to create wealth and freedom from scratch starting tomorrow, how would you do it?"

April 21 - 24, 2021

▼ See Who You'll Learn From ▼
The Crypto Sniper
Francis Hunt
The Wolf Of All Streets
Scott Melker
Crypto Wendy
Vesa Kivinen


Crypto Mining Channel

DeFi Now
Josh Cross

Crypto Villa

TMV Crypto
Crypto Rain

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An Interview Series for Crypto Traders and Investors of All Stages!
Whether you've just starting or you are successful trader, you're sure to learn something from the masters featured on the Crypto Freedom Summit. 

These experts earned their reputation and profits through hard work and lessons learned, starting at the beginning at $0 like everyone else, then testing and trying to discover what worked and what didn't. 

You'll hear about all this from the guest speakers themselves: their starting point, their journeys, their current trading and investing strategy and what they would do to create wealth and freedom from scratch given all the lessons they now know!

Your Summit Host
Jani Mäkinen
Online entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast who has hosted and produced several summits before.
Summit Producer
Sami Vesamo
Digital Nomad and online entrepreneur who has produced several online summits on health and investing.
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